Ambassador sign up


    1. You must be 18 or older to be a Spec9 Brand Ambassador.
    2. You must have a public account and 2,000 followers. (exceptions can be made)
    3. DO NOT comment or post your Ambassador code on any Spec9 Eyewear social media posts or channels (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).
    4. DO NOT resell Spec9 Eyewear products. That includes both online or at an event.
    5. DO NOT post your Ambassador code on any site outside of your own personal social media channels. This means we should NOT see your code pop up on coupon sites or any 3rd party sites. If you are posting your code elsewhere it will result in the removal of rewards for those sales made and removal from the Spec9 Ambassador Program.
    6. DO NOT tell customers that you work for Spec9 Eyewear. This program does not mean you are a direct employee of the company. 
    7. Remember that the sole purpose of the Spec9 Eyewear Ambassador program is to bring awareness to the brand and attract new customers!
    8. Make sure you are always on reputable when promoting Spec9 Eyewear and your Ambassador code.

Upon receiving your products, we'll have you provide us with images and/ or videos (creatives) of you wearing our products. 

  • 1 Picture of Each Item In A Lifestyle Photo.

When you receive your product please post the below on your social media with one week and tag us. 

  • 1 Unboxing Video Of Your Items (share on your social media and tag us)
  • 1 Product Review Video or Showcase Real Video (share on your social media and tag us)


  • Provide your code to followers
  • Picture or video of you wearing our product out and about and tag us.